Policy Committee

  • If you are interested in leadership, the Policy Committee is for you. You will be elexted by the parents/family members of your classroom and school site. You will be trainined in your role and will receive support to enable you to participate. Childcare will be provided for monthly Policy Committee meetings for ages 3-10. 

    The main responsibilities of the Policy Committee representative are to: 

    • Attend the monthly Policy Committee meetings.
    • Respect and support the majority decision of the Policy Committee.
    • Stay informed on issues that come to Policy Committee.
    • Attend monthly classroom committee meetings and share information with the classroom parents and families about what has been discussed at the policy committee.
    • Hep other parents become involved and stay informed.
    • Represent Alhambra School Disctrict Preschool Programs.
    • Listen carefully and respect the opinion of others.
    • Advocate for the continued success of the Alhambra Preschool Program.

    Policy Committee reviews and makes decisions about: 

    • Recruitment of children
    • Policies and Proceedures
    • Personnel Recommendations
    • Budget Recommendations
    • Grant Proposal Requests