Superintendent Mark A. Yslas

  • Superintendent’s Message

    The Alhambra Elementary School District is committed to educating the whole child by providing access to the 4-A’s . . . Academics, Arts, Activities, and Athletics.  We also give students opportunities to explore their passions in learning environments tailored just for them!  AESD is expanding “choice” schools and programs to meet the unique needs of our students and remain competitive in the growing school choice movement.

    We’ve got lots of new programs and initiatives we’ve launched. . .

    • Global Academy of Phoenix:  Alhambra’s newest school offering parents an alternative choice learning environment that will challenge students, spark creative thinking, focus on appreciating cultures, and exploration of innovative strategies.  Check out GAP at 4432 W. Maryland Avenue.  It’s not too late to enroll … call 602-336-2202!
    • 0 – 5 Academy: Keeping with our focus on early childhood education, we are researching and exploring an option of opening an academy to serve our youngest learners from birth through the early preschool years. Look for more exciting news on our 0-5 academy this year.
    • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Focus:  In order to become a more energy efficient school district and protect our natural resources, AESD is focusing its efforts on energy conservation.  Through grant dollars received, we’ve hired a Coordinator of Energy Conservation and Sustainability; and we’re making lots of changes like controlled thermostats in all facilities, installing water efficient toilets, and we have even taken our efforts to the student level by implementing Green Teams at many sites.
    • New gymnasiums: We built brand new gymnasiums at Madrid, Carol G. Peck, Cordova, and Alhambra Traditional schools; and Phase 2 of our bond building program will begin this year with new gymnasiums at Barcelona, James W. Rice, Catalina, Granada East, and Sevilla West.
    • AVID: Did you know Alhambra is an AVID district?  AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  Through the AVID program, students develop the academic habits they need to be successful in middle school, high school, and college. Children learn about organization, study skills, communication, and self-advocacy.  

    We are also proud of our top-notch programming and choice options in the district. . .

    • Accredited preschool classes: for 3 and 4-year olds, providing a smooth transition into kindergarten.
    • Alhambra Traditional School: a rigorous academic environment where students work a year above grade level and demonstrate exemplary character and leadership. ATS was moved to a great new location at 27th Avenue and Montebello, and we have the space to add more students.  Give ATS a call at 602-484-8816 if you’re looking to enroll your child in one of the top-ranked schools in the state!
    • Madrid Neighborhood School: Madrid opened last fall serving kindergarten through eighth grade students in the southern part of our district.  There is still space available, so tell your friends and family to check out Madrid Neighborhood School at 37th Avenue and Osborn.
    • Valencia Newcomer School: serves students in kindergarten-eighth grade, who are in their first year of attending school in the United States. Students attend this immersion program for one year and are then enrolled in their neighborhood school.
    • Free full-day kindergarten for all students.
    • K-8 campuses: Parents asked for a different structure of existing schools to include campuses where students can attend kindergarten through eighth grade, and we delivered. Now most of our campuses serve students in kindergarten through eighth grade!
    • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics): well-rounded curriculum that helps students develop vital, transferrable skills and learning across all subjects, through experimentation, trial and error, and creativity.
    • Free Extracurricular Activities: including competitive and non-competitive sports, art and music clubs, and leadership development. 

    Alhambra Elementary School District takes great pride in enriching the lives of our students by offering exposure and experiences to the next generation of leaders.


    This is Alhambra …

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    Mark A. Yslas, Superintendent


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